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My Mindless Behavior Love Story (Princeton) Starring You! *Rated R-Graphic* Ep. 60-Part 1

*SEASON FINALE* Recap: Two months ago, you & Princeton found out that you were having a girl! You & Princeton told both of your families, & Keisha & Walter. MBs tour was almost complete, but on the way to Charlotte, you decided to swing by Charleston once again. Princeton is planning a huge surprise for you, & youll be shocked when you find out! *Side Note: You all are 16 now, & youre 4 & 12 months pregnant* *Two months later, in Charleston, 23 & 12 weeks pregnant* *At Imanis house* YN: Shit, MacKenzies acting up in there! Imani: What makes you say that? YN: Shes kicking like crazy right now! Trinity: Maybe she wants her daddy. YN: *talks to your stomach* Well, youre just outta luck Kenzie. Daddy went out with your uncles somewhere. Aaliyah: *starts laughing* YN: Whats so funny? Aaliyah: Oh nothing… *Someone knocks at the door.* Imani: I got it, as usual. The triflin bitches aint gonna do it. YN: Hey, hello, pregnant. Starting to lose mobility. Imani: *opens the door* Hey Diamond! Diamond: Whats good, my bad bitch?! Wheres my pregnant cousin? Imani: In the room, acting crazy. Them damn pills her doctor gave her is making her a two faced monster. Diamond: *walks in the room* Hey Ms. Mommy! YN: *groans* Hey. *feels another kick* MacKenzie says hi. Diamond: How you know? YN: Shes acting like shes trying out for soccer in there! I wish Prince & the guys would hurry back. *At the food court in the mall* Princeton: Aye guys? MB: *eating* Yep? Princeton: I was <b>…<b>

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